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Cheese, cream

Cream cheese Filadelfiia Ukrainska (Ukrainian Philadelphia), 60% fat in dry matter, 180 g, container
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Cream cheese "Philadelphia the Ukrainian" with a mass fraction of fat in solid of 60% 180 g, glass Philadelphia Ukrainskaya cheese has creamy gentle taste and a cream consistence. At production only natural components are used. Quality is strictly controlled at each production phase. Modern...
Group: Cheese, cream
Processed cheese Vershkovyi, 50% fat in dry matter, 90 g, aluminum foil
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Processed cheese "Creamy" with a mass fraction of fat in solid of 50% 90 g, aluminum foil net weight 90 g, packing aluminum foil, bar code 4820019492797, quantity in a box: 50 pieces (gofrolotok of 4,5 kg). Expiration date and...
Group: Cheese, cream


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